‘The Swedes’ signed to Digital Chaos in Rainbow Six: Siege

POSTED BY Greg Laird March 6, 2018 in News
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We’re very excited to announce the signing of ‘The Swedes’ to Digital Chaos! This marks our expansion into Rainbow Six: Siege – a fast growing game with tremendous support from the competitive community and publisher. This squad will represent Digital Chaos during the upcoming season of the Rainbow Six: Siege Proleague.


Rickard ‘Secretly’ Olofsson (Team Captain) – @SecretlyR6
Mattias ‘Renuilz’ Nordebäck – @Renuilz
Joakim ‘sn0oken’ Olsen – @sn0oken
Christoffer ‘Kripps’ Brushane – @Krippsr6
Rasmus ‘Redgroove’ Larsson – @Redgroove_R6
Victor ‘Syred’ Andersson (Coach/Sub) – @Syred_R6

“Rainbow Six is quickly becoming one of my favorite games to play. The interesting and dynamic gameplay mechanics, recent growth in viewership, and the clear competitive roadmap set out by Ubisoft has given us confidence that the game can development and reach an even wider audience. Digital Chaos is thrilled to field the first all Swedish Rainbow Six Proleague lineup.”
-Greg Laird, CEO

“It is an honor to be heading into a brand new year of Rainbow Six Pro League under the Digital Chaos banner. With the support of Digital Chaos we will look to rise to the top of the European Rainbow Six scene, and prove ourselves on the international stage.”
 -Rickard ‘Secretly’ Olofsson, Team Captain