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Dc onyx cover

Hi Everyone!

There's some major changes happening at DigitalChaos and this is the first announcement we’re making regarding the changes.

We’ve changed our Dota2 roster. Our new Dota2 squad will be the previous Team Onyx squad:

  • Mason 'mason' Venne - Position 1
  • 'Abed' Azel L. Yusop - Position 2
  • Kanishka 'BuLba' Sosale - Position 3
  • Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho - Position 4
  • Kim 'DuBu' Doo-young - Position 5

The current roster and DC have mutually agreed that the time was right for them to go on and do their own thing. We’ve had massive success with that team. We wish Misery, Resolut1on, Saksa, W33, Moonmeander, Alyssa and William all the best!

As an organization we generally try to take teams who are on their way to becoming something amazing and providing them with the playing environment to achieve that. We believe in the Onyx squad and what they can do and we will provide them with the best playing environment we can. We believe we will be the right organization for this team as they go into the Kiev Major and make a run at TI7. The team house will remain in Arizona and the DigitalChaos brand will be run by myself and others from Arizona.

We know change can be uncertain for the fans but we’d like to thank the fans of DigitalChaos and we sure hope the upcoming announcements will help you understand the direction we will be taking DigitalChaos.

Thomas Hancock